INVESTING IN AFRICAN MINING INDABA 2024 : les défis du secteur minier africain en débat

February 5, 2024 . By: sonamines

This was the theme of the Ministers' Symposium, organized on the sidelines of the event and attended by the General Manager of SONAMINES.

Making the mining industry a major player in the development of African countries was the unifying thread of this top-notch meeting attended by a number of high-profile participants.

Ministers, representatives of African Governments and Senior Executives from mining companies met on Sunday, 04 February 2024 to take part in a series of important discussions designed to help chart the course of the mining sector in Africa and bring about the desired change. This exclusive platform provided a framework for dialogue, exchanges of best practice and collaboration to promote development, investment, security and sustainability in the mining sector.

Drawing on their respective experiences, participants discussed the challenges facing African countries and how to develop coordinated strategies to tackle them collectively, adopting a coherent and balanced approach that would not only benefit individual countries but the continent as a whole.

Three key issues featured prominently in the discussions: Africa's ability to make the most of its essential minerals, how to improve on the timeframe for the granting of mining titles, and the optimal conduct of exploration activities. These themes were brilliantly developed, and enabled the General Manager of SONAMINES, Serge Hervé Boyogueno, to adopt a good number of measures that could contribute to the development of the Cameroonian mining sector and the better management of our country's mining projects.

One of the main recommendations of the symposium was to put in place mechanisms to follow up the commitments made during the day, so as to monitor their implementation over the course of the following year, with a view to ensuring that this meeting is capitalized on over the years by the African mining industry.