A word from the General Manager

Speech of the General Manager of SONAMINES

Mr Serge Hervé BOYOGUENO

On December 14, 2020, the Head of State signed Decree No. 2020/749, on the establishment and operation of the National Mining Corporation, the destiny of which I have the immense privilege to preside over since April 16, 2021. Its mission is to develop and promote the mining sector in Cameroon, as well as manage the State’s interests in this field.

Its establishment must therefore be understood as the manifestation of the firm will of the President of the Republic to make the mining sector a driving force in the national economy.

It is in this vein that the Government, within the framework of the National Development Strategy 2020-2030 (NDS30), intends to develop the Mining-Metallurgy-Steel industry, relying essentially on a set of integrated projects/programs, geared towards the optimal development of the country's mining resources. Moreover, as the country's decentralization process is ramping up, and as resources are becoming increasingly scarce amid the world's unlimited needs, the establishment of SONAMINES represents an opportunity.

Hence the urgent need to ensure a shared perception of the objectives, expectations and stakes related to the existence of this pivotal structure by all stakeholders. Ladies and Gentlemen, It is indisputable that SONAMINES which is the new policy tool in the mining sector, will play a key role in the management of the solid ore sector.

The relevant provisions of the decree establishing this structure clearly define all the expectations placed on it, in particular, its missions of which the successful implementation requires the involvement of all stakeholders. They will be amply spelled out to you in a moment, during the presentation dedicated to this purpose. However, I would like to lay emphasis on the exclusive right vested upon SONAMINES for the purchase and marketing of gold and diamonds throughout the country, as part of its mission. On this specific aspect, it would be ideal to change behaviours as from now, in order to materialize these important reforms that are underway. This will ensure both the traceability and modernization of activities as well as the development of the overall mining sector.

Moreover, it should be noted that since 2003, several players have been working with the Support and Promotion Framework for Small-scale Mining (CAPAM). This structure, to which they had become used to, made tremendous efforts in organizing and monitoring small-scale miners and gold miners. CAPAM invested in the channeling of products from small-scale mining, talkless of its involvement in the collection and payment of the state's share, which is levied on semi-mechanized or small-scale mining.

I would like to thank CAPAM’s staff for the work they have achieved over the years, and let you know that henceforth, these important missions will be carried out by SONAMINES, with the objective to build on the achievements, address the different shortcomings, and irreversibly clean up the small-scale mining sector in every nook and cranny.

This involves:

  • Increasing the revenues of small-scale miners and ensuring a better supervision of the latter;
  • Stepping up the fight against clandestine producers and the misappropriation of the nature of operations;
  • Strengthening the protection and preservation of the environment, with the backdrop of a more intensive rehabilitation of mining sites. This responsibility, which is primarily incumbent on the operator, is not always followed through;
  • Pursuing the channeling and monetization of gold;
  • Putting an end to child labor on mining sites, in particular through support measures for their education and literacy, with of course the collaboration of all;
  • Implementing social responsibility with the execution of micro-projects for the development of local communities.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is worth telling you, in order to reassure and challenge you on the same occasion, that the existence of SONAMINES is a source of hope for a brighter future, not only as concerns small-scale miners and the local population in particular, but our country as a whole. The achievement of this major objective equally requires the strict respect of the instruments in force by all stakeholders and I’m insisting on this important aspect, on which the future of the Cameroonian mining sector relies. Therefore, I invite you to give us your full support as we achieve these missions, so as to give concrete expression to the strategic vision of the Head of State, which is to provide our country with a better supervised and prosperous mining sector, and insulate ourselves from the mining paradox observed in other places.

Long live Cameroon!

Long Live its Illustrious Leader, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr Paul BIYA.