Benchmarking: Learning form the Mining Sector in DR Congo

October 12, 2022 . By: sonamines

After Namibia in May, a delegation from SONAMINES has landed in the Democratic Republic of Congo since October 9, 2022, to learn from this brotherly country, which has multiple mineral resources.

In an effort to fine-tune its operational strategies, SONAMINES has undertaken Benchmarking missions to fully meet the expectations placed on it as regards the development of our country's mining sector. Hence the choice, among others, of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this African country where several specific state institutions, are working daily to develop the mining sector.

In the quest for best practices, the delegation of SONAMINES, led by its General Manager, Serge Hervé BOYOGUENO, began its visit on Monday, October 10, 2022, with two working sessions, one of which was at the State Strategic Council, and the other at the Cameroon Embassy in DRC, where the General Manager had the opportunity to sign the guest book of this diplomatic representation.

On the agenda of Tuesday, October 11, 2022, a working visit to the Centre of Expertise, Evaluation and Certification of Precious and Semi-precious Mineral Substances (CEEC), established in 2011 and mainly responsible for analyzing and determining the content of the substances mentioned, setting the market value according to international prices and awarding a certificate that attests to their origin and their legal and legitimate source, in order to ensure traceability. It was an opportunity to collect valuable information that should be capitalized on to limit the fraudulent export of Cameroonian gold.

Afterwards, the delegation headed to the Technical Unit for Mining Coordination and Planning of Congo, which operates within the Ministry in charge of mines, to draw on the long experience of the Congolese administration in the field of mining. On this occasion, pieces of advice were given to SONAMINES, as well as some strategic guidelines. On this occasion, the General Manager of the National Mining Corporation received from the hands of the Coordinator of the aforementioned Unit, a hardcopy of the Congolese Mining Code in order to get inspiration from it where necessary.

The secular arm of the State of Cameroon and guarantor of its interests in the mining sector, is serenely pursuing its mission in Congo with other important meetings ahead, organized by the Government of Kinshasa, to make sure the Cameroonian delegation has a fruitful and unforgettable stay.